An amazing reception

Hello, Guardians!

It’s been almost a week since we officially released the English demo for Guardian of Andra, and we honestly couldn’t be more surprised by the feedback we’ve been receiving.

As stated in the game’s page, this is a university project that we worked on for a little under six months among many other academic difficulties, and we released it online with barely any expectations.

That being said, the response we’ve been getting has been an absolute surprise! Just, the amount of views, downloads, comments, and, dear lord, gameplays! We’re very happy to see how many people like Guardian of Andra, and want to see it grow.

So we’re very happy to tell you all that we will be continuing with the project! We want to make it into something that we’re proud of and that people can enjoy. We will be posting devlogs to keep you all up to date with where the project is. If you want to go even more in depth, follow us on Twitter at ailaghast and onionrider, where we will be posting updates almost every day.

Thank you all for the amazing support, and we hope you will stay with us and enjoy the journey to make Guardian of Andra an awesome game!

-Doug Lima and Ligia Assis

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